Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Savannah Court of Minden

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Just because the holiday season is past us, doesn’t mean the celebrations stop!

Savannah Court of Minden recently celebrated its official grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony facilitated by Executive Director, Nancy Hines. Uri Rubin, Chief Financial Officer of Senior Living Management is confident that Savannah Court will “not only provide an excellent environment for residents, but an excellent workplace for employees.”

Savannah Court of Minden was formerly known as Arbor Terrace, and provides a home-like setting for approximately 30 residents. As with several SLM communities, the building may be small, but the scale of service is mighty. SLM residents have the advantage of receiving quality services in a smaller, more intimate environment that is often only found in larger communities.

We’re a happy, blended family of residents and employees at Savannah Court of Minden, and we’re excited to celebrate more additional SLM communities in Bossier City, West Monroe, and Bastrop. Look for more smiles, more celebrations, and more happy residents living a quality life in Senior Living Management communities.

Let’s keep the celebration going each and every day.



It’s Award Season at Senior Living Management

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While Hollywood is in the height of awards season, with the recent People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globes and the upcoming Academy Awards, Senior Living Management is proud to announce a few awards of their own! We wish to congratulate Savannah Court of Brandon and Hibiscus Court for making the Best of Senior Living 2016 list by SeniorAdvisor.com.

According to SeniorAdvisor.com, awards are given out based on two or more positive reviews contributed by seniors and their families to the website. To qualify, properties and agencies must maintain an overall rating of 4.5 stars and must offer either assisted living, Alzheimer’s care, independent living, low-income senior housing, skilled nursing, or in-home care in the United States or Canada.

While there might not have been a red carpet, designer gowns, or paparazzi, this award means a great deal to us, because it serves as a tangible sign that our mission is at work:

  • We will honor our residents need for independence
  • We will cherish them as individuals
  • We will protect their dignity by remembering their youth and respecting their years
  • We will treat them as we wish to be treated

To our residents, their families and caretakers, we are honored to accept this award, and most of all, honored to serve you.

-The Senior Living Management Team

Brandon Hibiscus

Annual Tree Lighting at Savannah Grand Senior Living

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Savannah Grand Assisted Living in Columbus, GA shared some extra good cheer at their annual Christmas Tree lighting by contributing the proceeds from ornament sales to the Gentiva Foundation. The Gentiva Foundation’s mission is to “support and educate persons and organizations dealing with life-limiting illnesses.”

The spirit of giving, along with some good old fashioned caroling and tasty Christmas treats made for a joyous celebration.

At Senior Living Managementslm.xmas image, we’re committed to spreading joy and cheer during the holiday season- and beyond. We invite you to celebrate a life well lived every day of the year! Whether you enjoy the lights on your holiday tree, your house, or on a blinking Christmas sweater- we wish you a bright and happy holiday season!

Happy Holidays!




Thanksgiving Traditions at Senior Living Management

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While there’s always some historical conversations surrounding the origin and traditions of Thanksgiving, in today’s culture, most of us associate the holiday with getting together with family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy a Harvest feast. It’s also a time for giving back, reflecting and expressing gratitude.

Savannah Court followed the holiday tradition and hosted their annual Thanksgiving Meal on November 20th. They served 120 meals to guests and residents and enjoyed a night of great fellowship. Each family had their own table placements and all in attendance truly enjoyed themselves.

From our table to yours- Senior Living Management slm thksgv 2 (2)slm thksgv 2 (1)wishes you a delightful holiday season, full of all the traditions that your family and friends cherish.

The Anatomy of Gratitude

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The Anatomy of Gratitude

The word “gratitude” rhymes with “attitude” and comes from the Latin word “gratus,” which means “thankful, pleasing.”

There are many ways we can show our gratitude for others and the kindness they’ve shown us- from a simple “thank you” to a thoughtful gift, to returning the favor and/or paying the kindness forward. This external expression of thankfulness can bring great joy, especially during the holidays.

Then there’s the internal feelings of gratitude- those feelings of contentment that warm us to the core, keeping us on our path to happiness. Gratitude is what we feel when we stop and look around during a gathering of family and friends, recognizing our important place among these people we cherish. These are the people that have helped shape who we are, and what we believe. These are the people that hold our hearts through good and bad, year after year. Thus the expression, “I am grateful for my family.”

We feel gratitude in moments of solitude, when we consider our place amid the expansiveness of nature; standing next to a majestic redwood or while gazing out across the ocean, admiring its endless possibility.

Gratitude shines in the tiniest and simplest of moments. When we have an attitude of gratitude, our days begin and end with purpose and we can’t help but gather up more of it with each person we meet, and each task we complete.

At Senior Living Managementunnamed, we are truly grateful for our residents, our staff, and all those we are proud to call “family.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Seniors Enjoy the Storybook Parade for Grandparent’s Day

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All great stories have characters we love and remember, mixed with frolic and fable that mirrors life values we all cherish.

Savannah Court of Lakeland Storybook Character Parade - In motion recently partnered with Excel Christian Academy and Preschool for their Grandparent’s Day event.  A Storybook Character Parade was held where children dressed up in costumes and put on a parade, to the sheer delight of their grandparents and onlookers.

The parade began at the school and ended at Savannah Court. More than 200 children participated, wearing their finest costumes, accompanied by teachers, parents, and grandparents. Savannah Court staff handed out treats and drinks for the kids, while the children waved hello and pranced about for the residents.

In this story, time stood still, smiles were ageless, and the sounds of sweet laughter could be heard across the land. A new page in the life of a senior and all who love them, had just been written.  Senior Living Management wishes to thank all those that participated in this thoughtful event.


Storybook Character Parade - On display

Holidays With Seniors- Let the Festivities Begin!

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Step in to most retail stores in late October and you’ll find the holidays competing with one another. Halloween costumes wedged next to a blinking Christmas tree- on the same shelf with a giant cut-out of a Thanksgiving turkey. The holidays can be a confusing time.

Seniors sometimes find the holidays to be a challenge due to changes in routine, overstimulation, and memory loss. Others experience the holiday blues, especially if they have experienced a recent loss of a close friend or family member. The good news is, with a little insightful planning, seniors can enjoy a blissful, joyful, and festive holiday season.

Preparing the Way for a Successful Holiday Season

Communication is key in preparing seniors for the holidays. Talk to them about your holiday plans in advance so they can mentally and emotionally prepare. Remind them as the day gets closer, so they can plan and get excited. If you’re planning to pick them up for a party or event, make sure  to check in with any care providers for a smooth transition from facility to the event location.

Include your loved ones during the planning stages. Getting your loved ones involved allows them to feel like they’re part of the festivities, whether it’s picking out which china to use for a formal dinner, or signing the family holiday card. Ask them for their ideas to make the party an even greater success. Remember, they might have a few things to show you after a lifetime of decorating trees, throwing parties, and keeping the family happy and healthy.

Gift giving is a fun activity for seniors that can bring much joy. Whether they buy a gift online or during a shopping excursion, there is happiness in the act of giving. Help them make a list of recipients, paying special attention to budget and time and have fun dreaming up gifts to give. If your loved one enjoys crafting, now is the time to break out the supplies and start those holiday projects. Whether the gifts are silly or sentimental, the result is the same: increased joy.

Prepare the way for senior visits. If you’re planning to host your loved ones at your home for the holidays, make sure to clear the way of any obstacles like children’s toys or throw rugs. Take a look at entryways, walkways and interiors to check for uneven steps, overgrown plants, and slippery slopes to avoid any mishaps. Planning ahead and lending a steady arm while they navigate through your home or event location lets you and your loved one enjoy making new memories without the fear of an injury. If your loved one is in a wheelchair, make sure to plan ahead for easy access. Consult with care providers to make sure you have any medications and accompanying instructions, so there are no surprises during their stay.

Timing is everything. The holidays can be overwhelming, so make sure your loved ones get plenty of rest. If they get tired, make sure there’s a quiet place for them to rest and relax.

Laugh, enjoy, and create new memories. With a small amount of thoughtful planning, holidays spent with seniors are a true gift, wrapped in laughter, joy, and the honor of creating new memories.

We know it’s early- but we here at Senior Living Management wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Let the festivities begin!

A family sitting together at the dining table for Christmas dinner. Grandfather raising a toast with white wine joined by rest of the family members.

Senior Prom

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At Hibiscus Court, Senior Prom is an all-day event where the ladies primp and pamper, style their hair, and paint their nails. Gentlemen look dapper in ties and suit jackets. The staff enjoys dressing up as well.

The limo pulls up, and for this day there are no walkers, and no wheelchairs. Aches and pains are replaced with smiles and corsages as we frame our annual prom picture by the limo.

From there, it’s on to champagne glasses and hors d’oeuvres, as we gather with family and friends. The Top of the Court ballroom is decorated in black, white, and red to celebrate this year’s “Puttin’ on the Ritz” theme.

Then it’s time for the ceremonious crowning of the Senior Prom King and Queen under the glitter ball. As we dance the afternoon away, residents are held in the strong arms of our dapper-dressed volunteers, allowing many who haven’t danced in years to enjoy the festivities without fear of falling. Some residents take to the dance floor to lead, others to follow, but all with a twinkle in their eye!

On this one afternoon in May, time stood still as residents relived the days of their youth, and-Puttin on the Ritz the Senior Living Management staff learned some new dance moves.

Pets, Seniors and Happiness

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The unconditional love of a pet is undeniable. Some people even argue that a pet offers better companionship than humans. The jury might still be out on that one, but the fact is, pets have staked their claim on the hearts of millions, and now there’s no turning back. In fact, it’s estimated that over 71 million American households have at least one pet.

Nowadays, pets are popping up everywhere: on planes, trains, running alongside their owners on bikes or skateboards, accompanying their humans to cafés and shops, and most recently, in senior living communities.

In a recent post by the National Center for Health Research, pet ownership among elderly people can play an important role in overall well-being. The physical attributes noted in the study stated that “seniors who owned pets were better able to perform daily living activities such as bending, kneeling, stooping, climbing stairs, and preparing meals.” Studies also show that the physical attributes of owning a pet can lower blood pressure and increase heart health by engaging owners, resulting in decreased depression and increased happiness.

Animal-assisted therapy is becoming a mainstay at many long term facilities and hospitals where a dog and its handler visit residents and patients on a regular basis. The Mayo Clinic recently published findings based on their Caring Canines program, stating that “animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in people with a range of health problems.”

At Senior Living ManagementiStock_000016566789_Full (1), we are pleased to provide pet-friendly communities because we like the subject of increased well-being and happiness! It’s pleasing to see our residents interacting with pets, and to watch the smile broaden on their faces, and in their eyes. Research studies might prove the health benefits of pet ownership, but nothing says happiness like a big, broad smile.

Happiness via the simple act of a pet’s unconditional love? We say “meow-meow, bark-bark” to that!

Celebrating August Birthdays, Hawaiian-Style

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Celebrating a life well lived comes in many different forms and in the month of August, the residents at Savannah Grand Bossier City and Savannah Court of Minden celebrated birthdays Hawaiian-style with tropical decorations, refreshments and a sing-a-long.

Some of our residents also enjoyed Hula dancing! The Hula dance is said to mimic nature with fluid movements depicting fish swimming through deep, blue waters or the island breeze swaying through the palms. Whether the dance is Hula, Salsa, or an animated shuffle in the buffet line, we at Senior Living Management cherish every opportunity to celebrate our residents and see them smile.